What musical genre would you classify a band like Audios Amigos? We are an instrumental, guitar fueled, quartet who dips between surf, country, latin, soundtrack, garage…etc etc. We pride ourselves on bringing a high energy live show that will induce spastic movements of the arms, legs, and any other bodily attachments. We love surf music, however we’re not primarily a surf band…we have shared gigs with Red Fang, The Reigning Sound, Hickoids, Sir Richard Bishop, Bob Log III, Pierced Arrows, Southern Culture on the Skids, The Chop Tops, The Boss Martians, Don and the Quixotes, Pynnacles,The Satin Chaps…you get the picture, a wide berth of musical styles! We’ll invigorate your event and we’d like to play our music for you.

Audios Amigos-
Guitar Uno- Ben Cosloy
Guitar Dos- JT Halmfilst
Guitar Tres is BassVI- Eric Baldoni
Percussion- Andrew “Sonny Bacon” Simard
Percussion/Trumpet- Frosty
Retired Guitar Uno – Dan Lowinger

Guests onstage have included the wonderful Dirty Bird Cabaret (Bellingham Cabaret), the fantastic Lucky Brown (Trumpet), and the majestic DJ Hubba Hubba (Guest vocals and visual stimulation).