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Audios Amigos are an instrumental, guitar fueled musical entity, who drive between the lanes of surf, country, latin, soundtrack, garage…etc etc. They consistently bring a high energy live show that will induce voluntary and involuntary movements of the arms, legs, and any other bodily attachments. They often wear mariachi or classic western inspired suits, however authentic suits are impossible to find in Portland Oregon (especially on a musician’s budget), so the band has made their own homespun versions. The Amigos love surf music, however they are not primarily a surf band, they traverse all styles of instrumental music with experience and reverence…they have shared the gigs with Red FangSir Richard BishopBob Log IIIThe Pork TortaPierced ArrowsSouthern Culture on the Skids, The Reigning Sound, The Chop Tops…you get the picture, a wide berth of musical styles!


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Audio Samples

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El Avispon (Link for Download)

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The Bat (Link for Download)

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The Return of the Son of the Legend of Curly’s Gold (Link for Download)

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Live in Bellingham Washington at The Green Frog. Featuring Dirty Bird Cabaret.

Live at Mississipi Studios, Portland Oregon.


Audios Amigos Feature Artist Spotlight at Tonight at Dawn.
“A band that blends instrumental surf, country, latin, soundtrack and garage music (all while wearing mariachi-inspired attire, no less) can be a tough sell for us rock and roll-leaning individuals, but when that band is AUDIOS AMIGOS, consider this guy sold.
Having released several E.P.s of original material mixed with faithfully covered classics,  Audios Amigos is a band that can get your booty shaking one minute, than transport you to the set of ‘A Fistful Of Dollars’ the next (it’s enough to make composer Ennio Morricone well up with pride).”
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Live Review from Audios Amigos performance at Darrell’s Zombie surf party.
“Audios Amigos came on next and they blew everybody’s mind. Sporting 3-six string guitars (one a baritone) and percussion, they brought a western influence instro sound that is all theirs.My friends turned to me with mouth agape, who was this again? My buddy Eric walked up to me and said that not only was he hearing it, he was feeling it in his chest. This was a great set of original music.”
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“Audios Amigos are my new favorite guitar instrumental/surf-ish band in Portland, and not just for the punny name. For their 7-inch they offer up “Ain’t That a Peach” and “Rip City Medley” (which features snippets of classic Portland songs by Dead Moon, Wipers, and Poison Idea). This was recorded by my friend, Pat Kearns, at PermaPress Recording in Portland, who has also worked at Jackpot! many times over the years.”
Larry Crane – Tape Op

[SURF RIOT] Finally filling the void left empty by a total lack of surf-influenced instrumental bands with a knack for going all mariachi and country before exploding into kaleidoscopic fits of heavy rock (it was a big void), PDX quartet Audios Amigos brings a rowdy, bruising sonic knuckleball to every show it plays. And it’s fucking amazing. With Thee Headliners’ Jeremy Terry shredding along with former members of country girl Lana Rebel’s the Love Lasers, the band’s honed an ability to keep completely on point as a collective while simultaneously letting its individual members roar. If there is a honky-tonk bar for surfers somewhere in Baja, Audios Amigos should seriously apply to be the house band.
Willamette Weekly 4/09/2013 – AP KRYZA

Audios Amigos – S/T CD-EP (Self Released) * * * * ½
Featuring Footstompin’ Trio guitarist Dan Lowinger, this new band takes his talents in a new direction, with an instrumental sound that incorporates his love of surf, early rock n’ roll and spaghetti western themes. Twangy guitars, intricate percussion and horns a plenty give these songs a full, almost orchestral sound. It kicks off with the classic “El Cumbanchero”, performed in the 60’s by the likes of Xavier Cugat, Tito Puente and Liberace. While their versions are great, I definitely think the Adios Amigos version is my favorite. The other non-original is Morricone’s “Giardino delle Delizie”, from an obscure 1967 movie soundtrack, which they give a more garagy twist to. The 4 originals are great though, with surf, R&B/soul and spy/crime themes delivered.

~Sean Berry – Double Crown Records

To clarify my qualifications: as a Portland showgoer of a certain vintage, I’ve seen Galaxy Trio, I’ve seen Satan’s Pilgrims… andAudios Amigos is clearly this city’s superior instrumental surf-oriented guitar band – easily. Maybe if the Ventures had been from Vancouver Washington, instead of Tacoma, we’d have had a more balanced showdown. Dan Lowinger (also from Don’t), JT Halmfilst (you knowhim, come on!), Andrew Simard & Eric Baldoni are the band. They’re a riot live, they put on a great show, and their studio recordings are excellent – even if they WERE recorded in the untamed wilderness of Bellingham, Washington. There are 6 tracks here, plus the whole program again in what sounds like maybe less formal, less “produced” recordings? Ah, it’s like watching ‘em live, except the CD doesn’t include the stage outfits, the choreography, the bells & whistles… okay, maybe it DOES include the bells & whistles. Along with “El Gordo Gato,” “The Reacharound,” “Pain Don’t Hurt,” et al. This band must be seen live, and when you do, pick up one of these CDs of theirs.

Jeffrey Larson

Willamette Weekly Audios Amigos write-up